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Who exactly is Big Meech Wife?


Big Meech, AKA Demetrius Flenory, is a notorious drug lord who is said to be the head of the Black Mafia Family. He has been accused of being responsible for many murders and other crimes in Atlanta.

The wife of Demetrius Flenory, AKA Big Meech

The wife of Demetrius Flenory, AKA Big Meech is Tonesha (Big Meech), who has been married to him since 1998. She was born on May 6th, 1970 in New Jersey.

She began her career as a track runner and fitness trainer before becoming involved with drugs and crime. In 2007 she was arrested on charges of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and heroin; she was sentenced to 17 years in prison at the age of 33 years old.

A reported “Queenpin” in the Black Mafia Family.

  • She is a former professional track runner and fitness trainer for football players at Miami University.
  • She was a former beauty queen, who was crowned Miss Ohio State in 1994.
  • In addition to her modeling career, Big Meech Wife has also worked as an assistant manager of a sporting goods store, as well as providing nutritional advice to athletes and entertainers.

Big Meech Wife is not only known for her beauty but also her business acumen—she reportedly runs a successful modeling agency out of New York City that helps connect models with photographers, agents and clothing designers.

Big Meech wife only goes by the name Jan.

The woman who goes by the name Jan is a very private person. She has been married to Big Meech for over 20 years and she is not a big social media user. In fact, it’s unlikely that you’ve ever seen her in the background of any of his Instagram posts before now!

So who exactly is Big Meech wife? We can only guess—but we’d love to hear from you if you know more about this mystery woman and her relationship with him.

She has mostly avoided being photographed.

You might have seen her in public with her husband. But she’s a private person, and doesn’t like being photographed or filmed. She is not a celebrity and doesn’t want people to treat her like one, so she has mostly avoided the spotlight since marrying Big Meech in 2009.

big meech wife is Black.

You may be wondering, who is this woman? She is Black. Do not be fooled by her name or appearance, she is no criminal and has never been involved in any illegal activities or even been accused of them. She is not a drug dealer, gangster or even a queenpin (a slang term for an organized crime boss).

Big Meech Wife has been married to him for over 20 years now and they have two children together—a boy named Big Meech Jr., who just turned 8 years old this past June; and a girl named Big Meech III (nicknamed “Missy”).

The mystery around Big Meech wife is almost as big as her love for him

You might have heard of Big Meech’s wife, Jan. She is a very private person who has never been seen in public and has always been referred to as Jan. She is also a mother of two children, aged 9 and 12 years old.

We don’t know much about her except that she is devoted to her husband and has been married for more than 30 years now.


We know a lot about Big Meech wife and her role in the BMG, but that’s not all we know. We still want to know more about her life, and we hope she will choose to share some of it with us soon. If you have any ideas or tips on how to get the information out of Jan please let us know!

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